The Trout Inn – Oxford

A pub lunch in charming Oxforshire was called upon on the way to Warwickshire from London. After studying the various options provided in Googlemaps en route. We decided to stop by at The Trout Inn that is a waterfront gourmet pub with a promising online menu and interesting picture gallery of previous visitors. It was exactly, and much more actually, what I was looking for as a place to have a summer al fresco lunch. We were able to get a table by the canal where we could see a school of fish (trout?) swimming around. We were soon provided with menu and water. We decided to go for a crispy and spicy calamari as starter. This was crispy with soft inside and was seasoned well. As the main, I had a garlic lemon chicken which was okay. I would have hoped to have some salad instead of fries and my companion had the sea trout with condiments. The latter seemed like a nice dish, but with a drizzle of lemon juice apparently it became equally nice tasting. Whilst having this chicken, I found myself staring at a peacock which casually walked past the table. That was a really nice touch. The service was fine considering that the yard was 3/4ths full. The inside of the pub was cozy with some nicely selected soft furniture. I truly enjoyed my summer lunch there.

If one found oneself in that part of world I do recommend to pop by for a quick meal at Trout Inn.


The Trout Inn
Godstow Rd, Oxford OX2 8PN