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Acoustic Awareness

We have a series of initiatives
to bring awareness of the importance of acoustics
Watch this space!

Acoustic Interior Design

For owners of restaurants, offices, schools and other spaces that wish to improve their acoustic environment – we create effective solutions that can work with the existing design schemes or enhancing them.

We have researched 20+ producers of acoustic solutions which we can integrate with other elements of soft furnishings and décor providing a fully integrated solution or just what works most effectively to provide acoustic comfort with your budget.


We can work on every type of space be it a small cafe, an international restaurant chain, open space offices, stores, hospitals, theatres, hotels, schools, canteens or special venues and one off events.

We have worked out a number of very practical solutions that are easy to fit different colour schemes, sizes and budgets but every project is tailor made and according to the specific characteristics of the space. We are a team of interior designers, acoustic engineers, fitters, joiners, graphic designers, carpenters that you can rely on.


Acoustic Measurement

Measurement and analysis of the acoustic characteristics of the space both in theory and practice.


Each project is tailor made so we take the measurements of the space and analyse floorplans and other technical information available.


Research of the most appropriate materials for the location and their design and positioning. Fine tuning of the project.


Organize the logistics of delivery and assembly.


Finally we re-measure the end result to establish the effectiveness of the solution.


Let's bring the conversation back!

If you close your eyes…

and think…

How many times you are out with friends and miss on bits of conversation as the restaurant is so loud you can’t hear anything?

​​Or do you dream of your own space in the office so you can actually think about what you are working on rather than hearing everyone’s calls?

You or a loved one in care with machines beeping and nearby patients wailing?

We have been in these situations far too many times and instead of writing negative reviews or complaints thought we could take action!

We promote constructive acoustic environments and can help design and enhance the ones that are not there yet. That simple.

Who are we?

A team of people passionate about our mission of bringing awareness on the relevance of acoustics and effective solutions to re-balance noise levels.

Advisory Board

A team of senior professionals in finance, business, philanthropy and design and architecture act as our sounding board on business matters.

Technical Team

Our technical team consists of acoustic engineers, acousticians, architects, joiners, graphic designers, carpenters that we can rely on according to the requirements of the project.