Contraste – Milan

Contraste is the evolution of my previously favourite place in Milan (Al Pont de Ferr) where the still young chef (Matias Perdomo) and his team have taken a step forward to gift the experience of creativity and thinking to the guests in an environment properly thought through.

It has taken us a while to go given our seldom trips to Milan and the fact that it is very popular – typical time to get a table is probably 1-2 months.

The pictures of the plates (and look at the actual plates as well – some of them are made on purpose for the recipe) speak more than words can describe and each is unique in terms of flavours and technique – the only way to really get an idea is to go try it yourself. We thought we would stick to the short tasting menu but very quickly got convinced to go for the full experience + some more. I think next time in a similar situation I’ll stick to my guns but this place is really worth trying out all they have – and to come back for more! The wine list is also worth playing with – we started with a Tocai Friulano by Keber from 2005 which was an interesting experience for the bouquet and then tried two Etna Bianco (Quantico and Ante) both fresh enough to accompany the food on this hot day.

The décor is exquisite and the service well balanced – attentive and fun.

Since we are big on acoustics – I love the fact that the whole experience starts with quiet and tranquillity for ears and eyes – white tables with a white mysterious sculpture and then an escalation of experiences that tickle the palate, nose, eyes and mind.


Via Meda 2, Milano