Bomaki – Milan

I have been procrastinating on writing a review of Bomaki and in the meanwhile have visited the place (the one in Via Raffaello Sanzio) another three times. The place is fun and exciting and unpretentious and good value. So no doubts about liking it. It is their acoustics that are puzzling. They did certainly have some sense of thinking about it and have included some panels on the ceiling – but they are scattered around and way too few to really have any effect. So when the place is not full the acoustics are quite alright but if most of the tables are occupied and especially the ones near the windows it becomes too noisy. So – I would recommend it but perhaps during less busy hours.

To go back to the concept and food: it is a Japanese-Brazilian place which I find to be a wonderful combination. Japanese food is fantastic as we all know but the Brazilian sense of fun and creativity frees the Japanese rigour and allows for innovation and excitement.

Notably the temperature of the food is perfect, fish has always been top notch and as mentioned earlier the pricing is very good value.

The service is basic but good. Worth noting is the Black Branzino and even the more basic Crunchy Salmon is delightful.

The décor is playful and full of colour and they play some nice sambas – a type of music that creates a positive vibe even for digestion!


Raffaello Sanzio 24, 20149 Milano