Lloyds Coffee House – City, London

The Lloyds is definitely an interesting place to visit in general but given the acoustics of both their market floors, offices and coffee house are great I thought it would be wonderful to include a review for the Orange Guide as well!

There are a number of historical facts that are worthwhile looking at but I’ll refer you to their own website for more thorough research: www.lloyds.com/lloyds/about-us/history

So far, as for the acoustics – in my experience this is probably the best I’ve experienced – a perfect balance between a good level of buzziness and quiet in order to focus and close the deals.

The cafeteria – called simply the Coffee House – also has fabulous acoustics although the décor could perhaps do with a softer touch in terms of colors.

I got the fish and chips – the fish was totally delicious while the chips had no taste at all and did not seem particularly genuine. Very well priced as well at around 7£.

They had seasonal treats as well as carol singing by the members.

If you get the chance of getting invited by a member of the Lloyds grab the opportunity with both hands to experience the architecture, atmosphere and food!


Lloyds Coffee House
One Lime Street, EC3M 7HA London