The Lecture Room & Library at Sketch – Mayfair, London

We ascended the pastel coloured paint spilled stairs one floor up to this two Michelin star restaurant. On our way we appreciated the entertaining art around the reception area. At the dining room door we are asked what the occasion is and I mention it is a work related gathering so they would not make the effort to shower us in roses as that would have been awkward. The decor is slick and with the padded walls – the acoustics are excellent for conversation. I did not hear the neighbouring tables chatter, possibly also because they were mostly playing with their mobile phones, and I could hear my dining companion perfectly without the need to lean over the table. As we sat down, an ice filled trolley with variety of champagnes is wheeled around to our table. That was a nice little treat. There were attractive tasting menus but this time I ordered one of the fish main courses: Pollock and Squid. In case so inclined, there is also a great selection of wines. We were treated with complementary tasty appetizers before the main course arrived. After a brief wait my side of the table and my companion’s too, was fully plated with food which made me feel quite blissful. We were offered also a selection of small confectioneries at the end. Quite a nice spot, ideally suited for more special occasion.


9 Conduit Street, W1S 2XG London