Mari Vanna – Knightsbridge London

It was an international women’s day and I was invited for a late dinner at Mari Vanna, a Russian restaurant based in Knightsbridge. The restaurant’s interior looks like it was a Russian grandmother’s home. It is all very cosy with a lot of crochet, flowers, porcelain figurines and other curiosities. I was seated just where there was a duo playing and singing traditional Russian songs. People were really enjoying themselves. The menu had a lot to offer: We had salted herring with new potates and onions, and then I had a seabass as the main. My companion had a sturgeon which apparently melted in the mouth. The dishes were very well seasoned and the herring tasted somewhat different if one has got used to the Nordic way of pickling it. It was very tasty nevertheless. Some of the vegetables and the fish were a slightly overcooked, but they were still very decent. After the dinner I was kindly offered a bouquet of tulips to celebrate the international women’s day. This day is apparently is big celebration in Russia. There was also a complementary pink infused strawberry drink.

Only negatives I can think was that where I sat, the live music was rather too loud, even if was very entertaining. The waiter ended up missing one of our starter orders. Saying this, I can only warmly recommend Mari Vanna for a fun and memorable evening.


Mari Vanna
116 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PJ