Café Nespresso – City, London

Sometimes you just have to admit defeat and say out loud: the Swiss do it better!

Many years ago I was working for a private equity firm with a focus on aspirational luxury and while we were topped up with champagne we really struggled to find a decent coffee machine for our office in Milan. We tested all the well-known Italian names and then, with slight amusement at the time, found the Nespresso machine was by far the best. This was a bit over 10 years ago when they had not yet become a staple and now you can quite often find an acceptable coffee in most offices in London as well – all thanks to Nestle.

Recently I had a coffee meeting at the Nespresso coffee shop at 100 Cheapside and must admit it was really good. I mean the coffee was good, the croissant was good, the juice was good, the ambiance was good, presentation was good AND we were able to have a very decent conversation despite the place being quite busy and with glass and high ceilings et all you get these days with the passion for industrial design. Definitely recommend.

I know many independent coffee shops have just something more but this is a very decent “corporate” option.

They are opening a coffee shop in Milan as well which has caused quite controversial press and opinions but you know what – I’ll go check it out next time I’m there.



Café Nespresso
100 Cheapside, EC2V 6DT London